Over-regulation strips private enterprise of the freedom to operate

Annabel Denham writes for The Telegraph

Annabel Denham, IEA Director of Communications, has written for The Telegraph on the costliness of interfering with private enterprise.

This is in light of new IEA research that lays out the benefits of deregulation in six different sectors, such as housing and childcare, potentially saving the average family up to £9,000 a year. 

Annabel writes:

“Over the past two decades, prices in highly regulated fields have seen a real-terms increase. But in sectors relatively open to international trade, competition and innovation, prices have dropped.”

“A 70-year high tax burden indicates that the state has come for a lot already, and without reform it will keep coming back for more. It is therefore encouraging that whoever wins in September, deregulation will be on the agenda. But it is deeply troubling that successive governments have allowed Britain to become such an expensive place to live.”

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