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Liberal values threatened by Transgender ideology


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Marc Glendening quoted by the Yorkshire Times

Marc Glendening writes for Spiked

IEA Head of Cultural Affairs Marc Glendening has written for Spiked on why the UK must anchor to its liberal values in the wake of Leftist extremism.

Marc wrote:

“The UK was historically a bastion of free speech. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were once rightly given safe haven in London. Here, they were totally free to publicly articulate their desire to see capitalism violently overthrown – including within the very nation that had taken them in.

“Compare and contrast that with today. Now in the UK, it is near impossible to challenge the idea that a man cannot be a woman, and vice versa. Anyone who objects to gender ideology can be cancelled, have their bank account closed, be subject to police harassment or even potentially prosecuted.

“The trans movement relies on authoritarian tactics to survive. The only way to coerce us into accepting this ideology’s logic is to change the way we think and to control the language we use. Yes, trans people must have the right to express themselves as they see fit, but so must the critics of trans ideology.”

You can read the full article here