Leftists and football fans may have more in common than you think


Housing and Planning

Matthew Lesh writes for CapX

Energy and Environment

Andy Mayer writes in The Express

Kristian Niemietz writes in 1828

Writing for 1828, IEA Head of Political Economy Dr Kristian Niemietz drew parallels between the primitive logic used in football discussions, with the mentality of many leftists.

Kristian highlights that like the average football fan, most leftists have no desire to remove tribalism and emotion from their chosen subject. He notes that “Asking such a person to be less tribal and more fair-minded means asking them to give up the bit which gets them all energised about politics in the first place.”

He argues that this logic manifests in an asymmetry, whereby leftist conceptualise their opponents as threatening, while free-marketers merely consider theirs misguided.

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