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Latest WHO Report Packed With ‘Half-Baked Marxism’



Matthew Lesh writes for The Telegraph


Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Independent

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has been quoted in The Independent criticising a new World Health Organisation (WHO) report claiming that tobacco, ‘ultra-processed’ food, alcohol, and fossil fuels contribute to 2.7m deaths a year in Europe.

Christopher said:

“This is far-left political agitation masquerading as public health research.

“The authors are explicitly opposed to the market economy and trade liberalisation and conclude that the solution lies in ‘rethinking capitalism’.

“They claim that ‘consumers do not have capacity (time or resources) to make the ‘right’ choice’ and that the government should therefore make their choices for them using the full apparatus of the nanny state.

“It is a sad indictment of the WHO that it has allowed this half-baked Marxism to be published in its name.”

Read the full article here.

Christopher was also quoted in The Daily Telegraph (12/06/2024, p.13), The Yorkshire Post (12/06/2024, p.5), The Daily Mail, The Fakenham & Wells Times, AOL, Gloucestershire Live, Wales Online, The East Anglian Daily Times, and Perspective.

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