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Lancet Commission on Obesity is openly contemptuous of freedom of choice


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Mark Littlewood writes for the Times Business

Christopher Snowdon comments in the Daily Mail

The IEA’s Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has been quoted by the Daily Mail, in light of the Lancet Commission on Obesity calling for food companies to be regulated like the tobacco industry.

‘Nanny-state zealots are no longer hiding their intention to use the anti-tobacco blueprint to control other areas of our lives.

‘They are openly contemptuous of freedom of choice and make no secret of their desire to bypass democracy and use unaccountable global institutions to further their agenda.

‘If these authoritarian regulations are introduced, a thriving and competitive food market which responds to consumer demand will be replaced by a ‘state-anchored approach’ in which bureaucrats and activists decide what the public is allowed to eat.’

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