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Reaction to Shadow Chancellor's conference speech

Commenting on John McDonnell’s speech to Labour Party Conference, Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s speech today shows little understanding of how markets work, let alone how they can help to solve economic and social problems.

“Reducing the incentive for responsible lenders to supply credit could well push more people towards loan sharks. It is economic illiteracy to ‘tackle debt’ by pretending the debt doesn’t exist via an interest payment cap. Banks will either increase other charges, or restrict the availability of credit or only offer enormous rather than small loans.

“Similarly, further state intervention in the labour market, which would restrict the choices available to businesses and workers alike, will hold back the ‘possibilities of technological change’ rather than embrace them.

“John McDonnell is also heroically ambitious if he believes politicians are in a position to accurately predict the market value of commodities such as water and energy once nationalised. History has taught us that nationalised industries are costly and inefficient, place a massive burden on taxpayers as they will require a huge amount of state support and typically provide terrible services. The key to bringing down costs for consumers is to deregulate and reduce government intervention in the market, not put them in the driver’s seat. Labour’s agenda of tighter regulation, renationalisation and higher taxes will discourage investment and job creation, rather than promote them.”

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