Kate Andrews appears on BBC's The Andrew Marr show

Kate Andrews, News Editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared on BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show to do the paper review.

On social mobility:

Kate argues that we have not seen the promotion of social mobility anywhere from Labour to Conservative. Most of the solutions to tackling social mobility, lie with Westminster. We can liberalise housing tomorrow, build more homes and therefore bring the cost of housing and renting down. We also have some of the most expensive childcare in the OECD, we could remove regulations hampering this market to bring costs down.

On Trump’s retweets:

There has to be a working relationship. The President’s retweets were in poor taste but politicians cannot cut ties with the President. A working visit is in order, people should not be banned from coming to the UK because of their views however unsavoury they may be, but the public have every right to protest this.

On mental health funding:

This is a fantastic cause although it is slightly concerning that it has taken royal involvement to ensure this funding is secured.

To watch the full interview click here. Kate’s segment begins at 06:10