Kate Andrews discusses council tax hikes among other topics on BBC News

Kate Andrews, News Editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared on BBC News Channel to review the papers.

On the county cash crisis:

Kate makes the point that there are several reasons for this. One is that the government has cut funding to local areas, which means that they either have to reduce their services or raise the funds in other ways. The problem is that council tax has been raised by 60 per cent since 1998, so while councils are needing to find funding, families also need a bit of extra cash. There really should be pause before a reactionary tax hike, and an attempt to find efficiency gains elsewhere.

On children taking more exams:

Kate argues that we should be looking at this from more of a social perspective. Children are growing up with all sorts of pressures, particularly online. There is not one way that teaching and schooling will fit all. Some students will do a lot better if they are sitting more exams, some students will do better with more time and less exams. We need to be talking more about the individual rather than what kids – as a whole – need today.

Watch the full programme here.