Kate Andrews is co-guest of the day on BBC Daily Politics

Kate Andrews, News Editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared as co-guest of the day on the BBC Daily Politics programme.

On John Worboys:

We’re so used to trial by media these days, it’s easy to forget that we have a justice system and we don’t have all the information available. The biggest concern in this case is that it has been alleged that he has attacked hundreds of women and there has only been 12 accusations put against him in court and we have not managed expectations as to what the result was going to be.

On Brexit:

A no-deal scenario would be bad for both the UK and EU countries. At the moment, the question is where is the give and take going to be. Is the UK going to be willing to compromise during the transition period, to allow people to come and stay indefinitely.

On the future of the EU:

No one has agreed on the definition of alignment so it’s impossible to know what that may mean. This idea that the agreement would mean no hard border means that it’s been solved is not the case. Neither side ever wanted a hard border. It was always ridiculous to assume that this issue could be solved before a trade agreement was made.

On plastic:

Given the fact that the comprehensive strategy is really to tackle recycling and to make recycling easier, this is quite a promising step. Once you get into the game of taxing plastic, people – especially poorer people – are going to bear the cost of that tax. It is likely in the near future that plastic will be replaced by something else.

On child refugees:

We have to be realistic about what we have the resources for. If you bring in thousands upon thousands of people and you can’t help because you don’t have the resources, then that benefits no one. The number we are taking in currently however, is too low. We are talking about children, not economic migrants. Post-Brexit the UK does need to step up to its moral duty and help those who are looking for sanctuary.

Watch the full programme here.