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Job Support Scheme expansion a “depressing development,” says Professor Len Shackleton

As the Chancellor announces an expansion of the Job Support Scheme, IEA Editorial and Research Fellow Professor Len Shackleton said:

“This is a hugely depressing development. It marks yet another U-turn after the Chancellor appeared less than a fortnight ago to have ruled out further furlough extensions. It undermines the government’s credibility and risks damaging the confidence of businesses on whose prosperity our health services ultimately depend.

“While affected pubs and restaurants will no doubt be grateful for some assistance, it is unclear that they were responsible for renewed outbreaks, or that closing them down is a sensible and proportionate policy which will slow the rise in infections.

“The position of some in government seems to be that we have to lock down repeatedly until a miraculous vaccine appears. That prospect increasingly seems like a mirage, and we need some sign that there is a Plan B rather than adding more and more to public borrowing.”


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