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IEA: Sugar tax “has not been a success”


Lifestyle Economics

Christopher Snowdon responds to new research

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IEA responds to Shadow Chancellor's speech at Labour Party Conference

Commenting on figures showing an increase in sugar consumption in England, Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“That sugar consumption has risen despite a concerted anti-sugar campaign, a sugar tax and a sugar reduction scheme shows that government policy has failed to change consumer behaviour, whilst putting financial strain on the lowest earners in Britain.

The sugar tax has not been a success. It has ruined a number of iconic soft drinks without having any effect on overall sugar consumption, let alone obesity. No doubt public health campaigners like Action on Sugar will double down and demand the sugar tax be extended to food.

That, too, will fail because people can choose to eat and drink what they want in a free country. The nanny state lobby’s solution is to stop Britain being a free country, and that is why they must be resisted.”

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