2 thoughts on “IEA: Evidence so far suggests minimum pricing in Scotland has been “an expensive flop””

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    Scotland was lied to by Scottish Government as this extra tax was supposed to be on cheap cider and cheap vodka. It never was and has raised the price of popular brands of our national tipple by £6-7 per litre. At the same time the “nanny state” put a sugar tax on soft drinks. Of course it has all been a failure. We just go down Thunder Road to England and pay the right price!

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    I’m neither an econmist nor a physician, but as someone who lost my wife to alcohol at age 49, I’d suggest the lead time for alcohol-related death is rather more lengthy than the time minimum pricing has been in force.
    Let’s see what the stats reveal in three or four years’ time? By then, we may make a judgement as to the efficacy of the policy.

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