How European social insurance systems can inspire future NHS reform


In the Media

Mark Littlewood writes for The Express

In the Media

Kristian Niemietz featured on the BBC

IEA Head of Political Economy Dr. Kristian Niemietz has been quoted in a BBC article discussing what the NHS can learn from Germany’s healthcare system.

After outlining the superior healthcare outcomes of the German system, the article quoted Kristian:

“Social health insurance systems tend to have better healthcare outcomes. Patients enjoy a greater degree of individual choice and benefit from shorter waiting times. Switching to a social health insurance system would not be a panacea.

But if we want to combine the best aspects of a public system with the best aspects of a consumer-focused market-driven system, social health insurance is a tried and tested way to do that.”

The full BBC article can be read here and Kristian’s paper ‘Universal healthcare without the NHS can be read here.