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Julian Jessop quoted in The Daily Mirror

Reem Ibrahim writes for City AM

IEA Communications Officer and Linda Whetstone Scholar Reem Ibrahim has written for City AM discussing the housing crisis and how it has driven Generation Z towards socialism.

Reem wrote:

“This week, Deltapoll published data showing that the age at which a person is more likely to vote Conservative than Labour is now 71 years old. In 2019, that ‘crossover’ age was 40.

“For the Tories, this a self-perpetuating cycle: young people are overwhelmingly left wing leaving Conservatives with little incentive to cater to young people, so they disregard policies that young people want (like housebuilding) and focus on policies that older people want (like ‘protecting pensions’). Hardly surprising then that so many young people remain overwhelmingly left wing.

“In the past, it was generally assumed that each new generation would become more conservative as it grew older. But this is no longer the case.”

Read the full piece in City AM (20/06/2024, p.18).

You can also read Perspectives on Capitalism and Socialism, a report for the Realities of Socialism project, which shows the increasing support for socialism among young people in the English-speaking world.

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