Greater deregulation is needed in order to truly reap the benefits of Brexit


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Julian Jessop writes for The Spectator

In the Media

Victoria Hewson comments for the Daily Express

Annabel Denham writes for The Spectator

Annabel Denham, IEA Director of Communications, has written her column for The Spectator on the announcement of the Brexit Freedoms Bill and concurrent release of the ‘Benefits of Brexit’ policy document.

Both of these are designed to demonstrate the government’s commitment to seizing the regulatory opportunities offered by Brexit. However, as Annabel demonstrates, the government has a long way to go in proving that it is taking Brexit seriously.

“Yesterday’s announcement was accompanied by a new ‘Benefits of Brexit’ policy document setting out how ‘the government is using new freedoms… to transform the UK into the best regulated economy in the world’. The crucial words in this sentence are ‘best’ and ‘regulated’. Contrary to what many in government appear to believe, post-Brexit regulations are not inherently meritorious because they were concocted in Whitehall.”

“the ‘Benefits of Brexit’ constitutes the government’s entire response to its extensive ‘reforming the framework for better regulation’ consultation…he 108-page document doesn’t even mention employment law — presumably because its authors understand that suggesting liberalisation would draw accusations policymakers are attempting to drag the nation back to the 19th century.”

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