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This government seems intent on infantilising us


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IEA reacts to High Pay Centre analysis of executive pay


Kate Andrews writes for City AM

Kate Andrews, Associate Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for City AM on the government’s latest nanny state interventions.

This government seems increasingly intent on moving us from one infantile stage to another, with Public Health England and HMRC replacing the roles of mum and dad.

Just over the past few weeks, the “nanny state” has lived up to its name in full. Day after day we’ve heard of new proposals for restrictions on our lifestyle habits. From calorie caps for restaurant and ready meals (“the biggest interference in the food supply by any country in peacetime” according to the IEA’s Christopher Snowdon) to the “pudding tax” (an extension of the tax on sugary drinks targeting customers who dare to buy dessert), there is an increasing effort to stop us from enjoying a range of food – not just in excess, but altogether.

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