Short-term market fluctuations are not cause for panic

Matthew Lesh writes for The Daily Express

IEA Head of Public Policy Matthew Lesh has written for The Daily Express on the market’s negative reaction to Friday’s fiscal event.

In his piece, Matthew discussed the real impacts of a weaker Pound, writing:

“To sum it up, the exchange rate is not of great policy concern as it was in the past. It goes up and down over time, depending on the strength of the UK economy and the antics of traders.”

Matthew concluded by emphasising the long-term importance of the Government’s policy reorientation towards economic growth:

“The alternative to last week’s fiscal event is not a rosy picture: a continuing journey towards stagnation, and ultimately an even weaker pound. The dash for growth strategy is risky – but it has the potential to significantly change Britain’s course. Now it needs an opportunity to work.”

The full article can be read here.