Lifestyle Economics

Drinkers need individual care, not one-size-fits-all legislation

Joseph Dinnage writes for CapX

Joseph Dinnage, IEA Digital Officer, has written for CapX on rising calls for governments to introduce legislation restricting the supply of alcohol and cigarettes, despite the resounding evidence against their efficacy.

A recent paper authored by IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher, found that, in spite of the availability of alcohol being restricted during the lockdowns, alcohol-specific harm did not decline.

Joseph argues that this, combined with the failure of Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland and alcohol prohibition in the US, demonstrates the ineffectiveness of sweeping nanny-state interventions and the importance of alcoholics receiving individual help.

“What is clear from the failure of MUP in Scotland, alcohol prohibition in the US and whatever form the next public health intervention takes, societal woes are not best dealt with through sweeping nationwide reform.”

“Be it drug addiction, alcoholism or smoking, they are most effectively ameliorated on an individual case-by-case basis.”

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