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Disposable vape ban could cost lives



Julian Jessop writes for the Financial Times

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Christopher Snowdon quoted by the House of Lords Library

Commenting on reports that the government will propose banning disposable e-cigarettes, Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the free market Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“A ban on disposable vapes will restrict the choices of millions of adult smokers who could benefit from switching to them.

“E-cigarettes are life saving products that can only legally be sold to people over the age of 18. We do not ban cider because some teenagers drink it. We do not ban 18 certificate films because some teenagers watch them. We don’t ban cigarettes because some teenagers smoke them.“If these reports are true, the government has mistaken legislating for governing. The answer to underage vaping is to enforce the laws that already exist. There is no reason why children should be able to buy e-cigarettes more easily than they can buy vodka.”


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Christopher criticised proposals for a disposable e-cigarette ban in a Spiked article earlier this year, highlighting that only 0.09 per cent of secondary school children vape and have never smoked.

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