Darren Grimes appears on BBC Politics Live


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Panel discusses the Irish elections, mansion taxes and the Labour Party

Darren Grimes, Digital Manager at the Institute of Economic Affairs, joined the BBC Politics Live panel this week.

Darren was joined on the show by new Conservative MP Siobhan Baillie, the Labour MP Stephen Kinnock,and Deborah Mattinson from the BritainThinks consultancy.

They discussed the Irish elections, how the Labour Party an recover lost ground and reports the government may be looking at a mansion tax.

Darren argued that whatever  Sinn Féin may say,  receiving a quarter of the vote  is no mandate to force a referendum on Northern Ireland.

On the proposed mansion tax and other tax hikes:

Darren argued that what these tax proposals amount to is “levelling down”. Had the new Tory voters in the North and Midlands wanted a virtue-signalling “squeeze the rich” government, they would have voted for Jeremy Corbyn.

Watch the full episode here.