Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for The Times Business on what the UK should look like post-Brexit.

In his article Mark argues that if we are interested in the sort of approach to Brexit that can lead to higher incomes and a buoyant environment for business, we could do a lot worse than seek to emulate our cousin, Jersey, in a number of ways. Jersey has moved from being overwhelmingly dependent on agriculture and tourism to become an affluent financial services hub. The island has legislative independence. It is outside the EU’s disastrous agriculture and fisheries regimes. Despite prevailing myths to the contrary, this has not made Jersey a shadowy, secretive place to do business. Once the UK has left the EU, Jersey could play a more important role in our national life by providing a lesson in how a prudent, low-tax economy can generate growth and wealth.

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