2 thoughts on “Leaving the Customs Union must be a red line for Britain”

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    The article confirms everything that I have experienced in my career within the energy markets and others but can be esoteric or worse for people who work in Industries threatened or cannot see how the benefits will flow down to them.

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    Leaving the Customs Union would make sense if the government was prepared to follow a radical free trade policy by unilaterally reducing or eliminating tariffs. However, there’s no indication that it will do so. Such a ‘sink or swim’ approach to manufacturing and farming would be high risk, especially for a minority government that relies on votes from rural areas. It would be opposed by many Conservative MPs and party members and is unlikely to get through Parliament unless the government can win another election with a large majority.

    So then the calculation becomes whether it’s worth complicating trade with our leading and closest trading partners, possibly undermining peace in Ireland and complicating our attempts to maintain trading deals already in place by the EU beyond Europe. This would in hope of compensating for the losses at some point in future by agreeing better deals around the world than the EU can, even though we have less to bargain with.

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