1 thought on “Labour, the Gulag, and persistent denial”

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    Spot on. The most frightening thing in all this is the way in which denial has come seeping back. I glimpsed it more than two years ago, chatting with someone twenty years my junior. He gave me a pitying look and observed – as if it were a prodigious example of blinkered ignorance – that I just couldn’t accept that life behind the Iron Curtain might have been perfectly agreeable. This person was once a Liberal, by the way, but something – fashion? Hysteria? The internet? – had already begun to draw him towards the far, hard left. And as we all know, denial is the accessory to what has been done and – worse – to what might be done again. At the moment, no quantity of evidence seems to break the ice between these frozen, millenarian-millennial minds and truth, but you describe the squirming equivocations by which they remain stuck in the freezer very well.

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