3 thoughts on “It’s time for a genuine free market in the postal sector”

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    You mean Royal Mail are ‘free’ to do all of the donkey work? I’m guessing your ‘work’ at Royal Mail was of the pen pushing variety? You right wing cretin.

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    What a tossed you are and never have you worked at Royal mail. Tosser

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    David Warren, So to improve postal service you would:
    1. Reduce from 6 to 5 day service, with phased reduction that eventually leads to it’s actual abolition? So reducing the USO from 6 days down to zero improves the UKs postal service – Haha!
    2. RM to put their price to whatever they want? – again Haha! If this were to happen then yes, you might remove 2nd class etc.. but ultimately by opening up the market to competition in order to protect every 29 million homes RM would need to create a post code pricing structure that would be very complicated not simplified for UK users, to protect every address outside of a big city or large town. Why would Whistl deliver mother’s birthday card to her cottage on edge of small village for the same price as they would deliver it to sister who lives in a city.
    3. Give anyone and everyone direct access into individual delivery offices? Dave, again Haha! The final mile is by far the mostly costly part of delivering the postal service. Again, why did Whistl (TNT) not attempt to deliver letters to rural Wales rather than into big cities?
    Truth is no private company would ever attempt to deliver to more than a third of the UK. Why, because it’s not economically viable to do so.
    Dave, what you have positioned is the destruction of the UK postal service.
    Royal Mail loses millions every year delivering the UKs mail to areas that aren’t economically viable.
    You mentioned you worked in this area for 25years?

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