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    In an argument, the left constantly point towards places such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway as examples of successful “Socialist” countries. However, according to the definition, these countries are not Socialist countries because the government does not own the means of production or redistribute wealth. Socialist as in the traditional meaning of the collective ownership of the means of production? No. Nordic countries are capitalist countries where comprehensive measures are taken to promote social justice and equality (both economic and societal). Many view Sweden as socialist. However, the country is in fact very pro capitalism, but does it with redistribution through taxes. According to John Henschen, personal income is taxed at a rate of 61.85 percent, plus a 7 percent social security tax rate for employees. On top of these taxes, Sweden also has a 25 percent consumption tax. To conclude, the Nordic countries are capitalist countries with a high corporate tax rate.

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    The reason it remains popular is because capitalism oppresses the lower classes, just as feudalism did. People will keep trying to find alternatives, and the only alternative to a privately owned economy is a collective or worker owned economy. Socialism can mean so many things, it’s foolish to dismiss all forms of it as not having worked. Modern socialists are learning from the mistakes of the USSR, China, the Venezuela, etc. Someday, maybe when the capitalist economy becomes even more unfair through monopolization, people will try to make a socialist nation again. Until a better system is found, or capitalism is reformed enough across the world, these types of revolutions will keep happening.

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