Ruth Porter writes for The Telegraph

“The Chancellor recently made the sensible decision to drop his plans to limit tax relief on charitable donations. Presumably because he noticed that people giving money to charity is a good thing. Now that George Osborne has discovered an enthusiasm for charity, he should now turn his attention to a much bigger threat faced to the sector – state funding.

“New research released today by the Institute of Economic Affairs, “Sock Puppets: How the Government Lobbies Itself and Why“, shows that the Government should urgently reform this area.

“At the last count, more than one fifth of British charities – around 34,000 – took money from the Government. As the report highlights: “When contributions from the National Lottery are taken into account, charities received more money from government in 2010 than they did from voluntary donations.” Although many of these organisations do wonderful and necessary work, it is making a mockery of true charities to pretend they are part of the voluntary sector.”

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