Ruth Porter writes for The Daily Telegraph

Lewis Carroll’s Alice once said: “It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” Wouldn’t it just. Surely there is nothing stranger than an anti-business Business Secretary. Unfortunately it is not a fiction.

Adrian Beecroft is not the first to point out the irony that the Minister running the department of business does not seem particularly fond of business. His comments attacking Vince Cable though go further than most have done. Calling him a socialist may seem like hyperbole at first glance, but on closer examination it is not far off the mark.

Britain has a thriving business sector. Over the past decades we have coped with much of our manufacturing industry going offshore. Through agility and adaptability we have evolved, developing strengths in other areas, such as financial and legal services. British business deserves a pat of the back. Some of this off-shored manufacturing work has now returned as our manufacturing services have embraced high-value work.

Instead of pursuing these advantages and talking them up, our Business Secretary, supposedly the voice for British industry, seems determined to concentrate on what he perceives as problems, rather than these myriad strengths. He seems to spend most of his time talking about how he disapproves of executive pay, complaining about the lack of female representation at board leveland explaining why we should be adding to regulations rather than removing them.

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