Ryan Bourne appears on BBC Radio Five Live

IEA Head of Public Policy Ryan Bourne discussed the current proposals to take BBC Three off the air, replacing it with an online only channel on BBC Radio Five Live. He argued that despite initial outrage by some, most people are apathetic to the removal of the service due to the availability of substitutes such as Netflix.

Furthermore, Ryan argued the counter-factual if BBC Three did not exist. He stated that a commercial channel could quite easily have developed some of its programmes. It is the duty of a public service broadcaster to produce shows and materials that the rest of the market cannot provide. For this purpose, Ryan did not see the point of state funded competition in the market for comedy programmes as seen on BBC Three. Finally, Ryan also discussed how the £150m the BBC Trust spends on bidding on sporting programmes, such as Formula One, distorts the market.

You can listen to the full programme here. Ryan’s segment begins at 2:55:17.