Ruth Porter writes for The Times

Watching Theresa May and Yvette Cooper tough it out this week in Parliament over home affairs, it didn’t cross my mind that these tenacious women need to be protected from the rough and tumble of life. Both are touted as future party leaders and need no special treatment. Yet the epitome of tokenism sits on the green benches a few yards from them — the Minister for Women.

This outdated post should be abolished, so that Maria Miller can get on with her main job as Culture Secretary. Women are doing just fine. More of us gain undergraduate degrees than men and those under 30 now earn more on average than their male peers.

So what is the Minister for Women for? According to the Home Office website, it is about “ensuring we fully use the skills and experiences of women to support economic growth, for example through the work of the Women’s Business Council, business mentors, Women on Boards and the Think, Act, Report programme”.

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