Readers' Letters to The Business in response to John Blundell's article

Sir – The article by John Blundell (“Washington still blind to true nature of the EU”, 8/9 January) is the most erudite and honest condemnation of the EU that I have ever read in a national publication.

One can understand that distant Washington fails to recognise the menace of the EU. Those of us in Britain who have daily to watch the EU wash away our democratic self-government already feel the autocratic/bureaucratic rule that has spawned continental dictators in the past.

Thankfully, the British public are beginning to realise their predicament thanks to the efforts of the people in the UK Independence Party (UKIP), who are now the only political party prepared to leave the EU and restore democratic self-government to the people. Mr Blundell’s article can only help open the eyes of anyone in the business world who has yet to be convinced that the EU is bad for democracy and Britain’s economic future.

Alan S Wood

Salisbury – Wiltshire

Sir – John Blundell’s article (“Washington still blind to true nature of the EU,” 8/9 January) gives all the details on the EU, which was described to me 18 years ago as the Fourth Reich and this description is well on the way to being correct. The distinction this time is that France has a large part in the formation and running of the system which seems to be designed to replace the German and French empires of the past.

The presence of Great Britain is required to be a major paymaster and the smaller countries are to provide an image of a democratic organisation.

Meanwhile, the Brussels machine grows and grows. And the [EU] accounts have not been signed off for 11 years. Oh for a prime minister who is not dazzled by the bogus attractions of Brussels and who will put two fingers up to the whole sham and scam.

Charles Taylor

Sir – It is hardly surprising that Washington is still blind to the true nature of the EU (Business Platform, 8/9 January). Every senior British politician who goes there tells the Brussels bureaucrats that membership [of the EU] is a jolly good thing, and hugely beneficial to the UK. (Yes, we still have bobbies on bicycles, two by two – so what can we expect?). Until the grim truth is openly acknowledged in the UK, it’s unlikely to be fully understood across the Atlantic.

Dr DR Cooper

Maidenhead, Berkshire

Sir – Americans who believe the European Union is a democracy and therefore one of those things they are willing to go to war to defend need to be constantly reminded it is in fact a form of dictatorship known as an oligarchy (“Washington still blind to true nature of the EU”, 8/9 January).

The EU laws (or “directives”) are originally dreamed up by the 25 unelected commissioners behind closed doors and although they can be fiddled around with by various groups of bureaucrats and even a few MEPs, there is no way they can be stopped from passing into law throughout the continent of Europe. The Parliamentary Chamber in Brussels and Strasbourg is only there for show.

Mrs Sonya Porter

John Blundell is Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs.