Ruth Porter talks to BBC Radio Wales

Speaking to BBC Radio Wales, Ruth Porter argued that moving away from universal benefits is a step in the right direction. People are living much longer and retirement ages have followed suit, causing a much greater problem with the funding of elderly care.

Ruth Porter expressed her opposition to means testing and instead suggested that the winter fuel allowance be phased out for everyone and replaced with funding that supports the most vulnerable to encourage a society that saves. It should not be up to the government to dictate how pensioners spend their money as currently happens with the winter fuel allowances, free bus passes and TV licences, Ruth Porter argued.

Ruth Porter stressed that there is a tendency to only focus on the short term implications of universal benefits. Instead, there should be an intergenerational question about what kind of system do we want for young people who are just starting in the workplace.

Listen to the full interview here. Segment starts at 12.15.