Nick Hayns writes for the Yorkshire Post

It’s not been a bad couple of years for John Lewis.

Not publicity-wise, anyway. As the MPs’ expenses scandal dragged into the weeks and then months, we were reminded every day of “the John Lewis list” – that mythical checklist against which all judgments of reasonableness are made. And now, in the past week, we are told that the Government is looking to encourage public sector workers to form into co-operatives in order to run our services more efficiently. Or, in the words of the soundbite media, to adopt “the John Lewis model”.

Essentially, the idea is that public sector workers who think they can run their particular department or production line better can band together and take responsibility for their own working practices and processes. Prisons, Sure Start children’s centres, hospitals – all could find themselves open to mutualisation. The government has even set aside £10m in order to help fledgling mutuals reach “investment readiness”. In fact, almost the only aspect of the public sector ruled out, probably quite understandably, is defence.

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