Ruth Porter writes for the Daily Telegraph

Yesterday marked two months since the beginning of Occupy LSX, and the campaign was urging people to “Occupy Everywhere”. The protest, if it can be called that, has dominated the media since it began, taking up valuable airtime at a moment when the country has much more pressing matters to be discussed. At best, the campaign has been relatively harmless, but at worst it can be seen as having been a major distraction.

Occupy claim to represent 99 per cent of people. Based purely on their desire not to see bankers being bailed out by taxpayers, they are probably right. Why should taxpayers in general provide support for the owners, creditors and senior managers of banks? But, beyond this, Occupy loses its way. It attacks capitalism as if somehow that is the problem. Yet, the most coherent opponents of a welfare state for bankers are the free-market pro-capitalism advocates they claim to oppose.

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