Leter by John Blundell in The Daily Telegraph


You are right to call it a “scandal” to deny children homes with adoptive parents (November 6th).

And what a scandal it is. Compared to their peers children who graduate out of the system parentless are:

– 4 times more likely to be unemployed;

– 4 times more likely to have mental health problems;

– 12 times more likely to leave school with zero qualifications;

– 50 times more likely to be imprisoned;

– 60 times more likely to be homeless; and

– 88 times more likely to abuse drugs.

A quarter of girls leaving are already mothers or pregnant and their children in turn are 66 times more likely to be institutionalised.

On a recent visit to a prison I asked the Deputy Governor if he kept records on how many of the inmates were former system kids. There would not be much point, he told me. Why not, I asked? Well, it’s nearly all of them, he replied.

The downstream cost of our failure to get these kids into permanent loving homes is huge.

John Blundell