Mark Littlewood appears on Channel 5 News

Mark Littlewood appeared on Channel 5 News to discuss the recent apology from former HBOS chief executive Sir James Crosby.

Regarding Crosby’s voluntary surrender of his knighthood and 30% of his pension, Mr Littlewood stated that it is important to recognise that, unlike many others, he has taken some responsibility for his actions and shown a degree of contrition. Mr Littlewood went on to argue that this sort of action would be welcome in the public sector and that perhaps Sir David Nicholson should offer to surrender his knighthood after the situation at the Mid Staffordshire hospital.

Regarding the current structure of the UK banking system, Mark Littlewood argued that it is completely wrong and we must stop the ridiculous idea that the state and the taxpayer should bail out any failed enterprise.

Watch the full clip here.