Steve Davies appears on BBC Radio WM

IEA Education Director Dr Stephen Davies spoke on BBC Radio WM about the costs of childcare within the UK. This is in relation to a recent publication by the Family and Childcare Trust stating that childcare cost are ‘greater than the average mortgage’. The cost of chilcare has seen a 27% rise since 2009.

Steve argued that we can encourage more women into the labour market if the government takes appropriate action to reduce the cost of childcare. He stated that the costs of childcare in the UK are twice that of anywhere else in Europe and one way to reduce that cost is by relaxing propety planning laws to reduce rental prices, which is a very high fixed cost for nurseries. Steve also suggested that increasing the amount of children looked after by each carer would have a similar impact on prices.

You can listen to the full programme here. Steve’s segment begins at 11:10.