Chris Snowdon debates on BBC 5 Live

Christopher Snowdon appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live to argue against proposals to introduce a tax on soft drinks. Snowdon stated that not only will the tax not work, it will make people poorer.

The government cannot raise money, it has to be taken from hard working people and in this case, the government does not need to do anything regarding soft drinks. Recently, Denmark attempted to introduce a fat tax that was so unpopular, it lasted less than a year, Snowdon said.

If consumers are unhappy about sugar levels in certain drinks, then there are an enormous range of diet and low-sugar alternatives available. Chris Snowdon argued that this was an example of the free market working as companies have responded to demands for more healthy options. Drinking healthy drinks is about personal responsibility, not government taxation, Chris Snowdon said.

Listen to the full interview here. Segment starts at 52.15.