Mark Littlewood writes for Which? Conversation

The number of unemployed young people tops the one million mark and Nick Clegg is on hand with a solution – he has found £1bn to encourage businesses to put them on the payroll.

The Liberal Democrats proudly boast that they have talked their Conservative allies into embracing this policy, a feat of internal coalition diplomacy likened by a LibDem spokesman to persuading a vegetarian to eat a kebab.

Nick Clegg’s Youth Contract will apparently offer any private sector business willing to take on a young person a grant of over £2,000, but only if the new employee has been claiming welfare for the previous nine months. He hopes that hundreds of thousands of people can be helped by the scheme.

Well, the Deputy Prime Minister may have sold this plan to his Tory colleagues, but he hasn’t sold it to me. When someone smashes something up with their right hand and rather feebly tries to put the pieces back together with his left, you don’t sit back and applaud. You criticise the individual for getting involved in the first place.

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