The Telegraph features an IEA report

Ministers were last night urged to scrap green energy subsidies as part of a staggering £50 billion tax cut to help low income families across Britain.

In a report due out tomorrow, one of the most influential think-tanks in the country will say energy subsidies for wind farms and solar panels are a “regressive” tax alongside fuel and alcohol duty.

The Institute of Economic Affairs claims the subsidies total £185 a year, accounting for five times as much of a poor person’s income as the richest fifth of society.

Christopher Snowdon, author of the report, added that “most” of the green subsidies appeared to have been put in place by the last Labour government, where Ed Miliband served as energy secretary. He said: “The environment and public health are blind spots of the left.

“These issues are more important to them than poverty.”

The IEA’s call featured as part of a radical package of measures aimed at putting money back into the pockets of those “that need it most”.

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