Mark Littlewood writes for The Observer

Let’s start with the obvious. Lunch, I hope we can agree, is basically a good thing. Nutritional, uplifting, convivial, educational lunches are even better. And having young kids enjoying these sort of lunches would be simply marvellous. So far, so good.

Sadly, the new government policy of spending £600m a year for “free”school meals for infants is yet another attempt to ensure that state bureaucrats assume the role of parents. I anticipate that – in aggregate – these bur eaucrats will take on this task with enthusiasm, determination, extreme confidence and horrific inefficiency. Additionally, some of these bureaucrats will get richer as they do so. It is not the job of the government to provide lunch for every child aged five, six or seven. For all but the poorest and most disadvantaged, this is a responsibility of parents.

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