Glynn Brailsford writes for Conservative Home

Regulation is pretty irritating at the best of times – irksome, petty, sometimes seemingly irrelevant and often an impediment to growth and wealth creation.

So it’s refreshing to see new Business Minister Michael Fallon’s intention to wipe 3,000 pieces of red tape from the statute books over the next 16 months or so.

Without doubt, it’s a progressive step. But is our approach to unpicking the red tape tangle fast enough? Not if you’re Les Halpin.

Les is a successful serial entrepreneur. But just last year he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. Already, it’s had a devastating effect on his, and his family’s, life.

Les, a statistician, was determined to find out what he could about the treatments available to him. He was appalled to discover there’d been barely any progress over the last 20 years. And it was the same story for many other rare diseases. Why? We’re back to regulation.

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