Nick Hayns writes for the Yorkshire Post

As December slowly draws upon us, you’d be forgiven for feeling a sense of deja vu in the air. The X-Factor again whimpers to its yuletide denouement, with ITV desperately trying to make us care; Coca-Cola adverts begin to remind us that “Holidays are coming”; and, every day, newspapers find new ways to spell out economic collapse. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day but without the witty charm.

However, this week there is set to be another rerun. And one that is going to be far more irritating than a pop star wannabe massacring your favourite Beatles number.

You see, it’s the public sector unions again. You remember them threatening a “Summer of Discontent” only a few months ago? And Dave Prentis of Unison telling his members that “we’re in the fight of our lives… and we must win”? Well they’re back; and they’re set to ruin your, and my, Wednesday. Schools will be shut, operations will be postponed and the country’s borders, if not manned by soldiers, will be manned by no-one at all.

The issue, as before, is public sector pensions reform and an estimated two million or so union members are set to walk out from their posts in opposition to the Government’s proposed changes.

The Government wants public sector workers to contribute more towards their pensions; the unions say this is unfair.
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