Mark Littlewood writes for the Daily Mail on the wealth of those calling for strikes

Everyone has the right to stand up and fight for their own, personal financial interests. And in a free and open society, they should all be given a fair hearing.

But when the public sector trade unions stamp their feet, as they are doing constantly at the moment, you need to remember something very important. The people these unions represent are the pampered, the privileged and the protected.

If the planned strike on November 30th goes ahead, don’t fall for the myth that it is the oppressed and impoverished workers who are taking to the streets. It isn’t. It will be industrial action taken by the disproportionately well paid, by the safe and secure.

Their demand is that their poorer counterparts in the private, productive side of the economy should continue to foot a huge bill for their eye-wateringly generous pension arrangements. A good part of the cost will be picked up by our children and grandchildren too – people who have not even entered the labour market yet and will be paying for the sizeable pensions of these state workers without ever having been the recipient of their services.

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