Ruth Porter talks to BBC Radio 5

Ruth Porter discussed the IEA’s new report, Which Road Ahead – Government or Market?, that recommends that the government privatises Britain’s motorways and trunk roads. It has been calculated that this could raise £150billion.

Britain’s motorists are getting a raw deal by paying expensive fuel duty and road tax whilst the standard and quantity of motorways is better in most other countries, Ruth Porter argued. There is currently no government spending on roads despite the cost-benefit analysis suggesting that better roads would be more beneficial than current government policies such as HS2. It has been calculated that congestion costs the UK £20billion a year.

A new privatised road network would allow companies to set up new infrastructure whilst setting speed limits and levying lorries. It is likely that motorists would have to pay less than the current fuel duty, if privatisation goes ahead.

Listen here. Segment starts at 5.20