Steve Davies appears on Radio 4's PM Programme

Steve Davies imagined how life would be if the Royal Mail was privatised ten years from now on BBC Radio 4’s PM Programme.


“Today in 2023 the Royal Mail has changed dramatically from the way it was before privatization. People now take all kinds of innovations and improved services for granted and forget how things were.

The sinking feeling of finding a missed delivery card through your letterbox and having to go and queue at a sorting office at an inconvenient time is long forgotten with flexible delivery times and individualized arrangements. In London and the major metropolitan areas people now enjoy the Victorian experience of same day delivery  with several deliveries a day.  In the countryside there is a higher price for mail but the near disappearance of the personal letter means that this does not have the effect it would have had thirty years ago.

Postman Pat now enjoys better wages and conditions and shares in the profits of the now highly profitable company through employee shares. Most of his work is now delivering parcels and packages, with  a nationwide system of drop-off and pickup points making life easier for both him and his customers.

The Royal Mail is now branching out into other services and products and the days when it was a  problem for governments and the taxpayer are long forgotten.”

Listen here. Segment starts at 13:00.