Mark Littlewood appears on BBC Radio 5 Live Drive

The British government is stopping an American singer taking a ring of Jane Austen’s out of the UK. Mark Littlewood appeared on BBC 5 Live Drive to debate whether this is this the sort of thing that government’s should involve themselves with.

Mark Littlewood asked that if there is an enormous public interest in retaining the ring in the UK, why did no one bid for it at the auction? There clearly was not a great deal of public interest in Austen’s ring.

It is not the job of Ed Vaizey or anyone in government to decide what is in the public interest. He argued that despite the fact there may be a great deal of Tottenham Hotspur fans who would like to keep Gareth Bale in the UK, the government would not impose an export ban on him.

Listen here. Segment starts at 1.25.