Why state funding should be abolished

Yesterday, Arts Council England reported on which organisations would be receiving grants over the next few years and which would not. Whilst some commentators were pleased with the outcome, and others aregued that the Council’s priorities had been wrong, the IEA took to the airwaves to argue that state funding for the arts should be abolished entirely.

Popular arts don’t need subsidies, unpopular arts don’t deserve subsidies. The taxpayer should not be forced to pay for a quango’s cultual preferences.


  • Dr Steve Davies on Channel 4 News (watch here)


  • Mark Littlewood on BBC WM’s The Paul Franks Show (listen here)

  • Dr Steve Davies on BBC Newcastle’s Jon and Anne show (listen here)

  • Dr Steve Davies on BBC Radio Devon’s Shep and Jo show (listen here)

  • Dr Steve Davies on BBC Radio Somerset’s Breakfast (listen here)

  • Prof Philip Booth on BBC Three Counties’ Drive (listen here)