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Sharing the burden – How the older generation should suffer its share of the cuts received a great deal of attention and continues to provoke debate in print, in broadcast and online. Proposing to save £16bn per year by cutting back on the many non-means-tested benefits that the elderly receive and by reforming pensions, the paper provides important solutions to help the government to bring about substantial reductions in taxes to the benefit of all people. This is part of an ongoing project of wider reforms to bring about a smaller state, a more effective welfare system, higher economic growth and higher disposable incomes.

Below is some of the coverage that this timely paper has received.

News coverage:


  • Ruth Porter on BBC Derby’s Phil’s Trow’s Breakfast Show (listen here at 1.41.00)

  • Ruth Porter on LBC’s Breakfast (listen here)

  • Ruth Porter on BBC York’s Liz Green programme (listen here at 0.11.30)

  • Philip Booth on BBC Radio London’s Drivetime with Eddie Nestor (listen here at 0.16.30)

  • Philip Booth on Sky News’ Jeff Randall Live (watch here)

  • Mark Littlewood on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Tony Livesey programme (listen here at 0.19.30)

  • Mark Littlewood on BBC London’s Vanessa Feltz programme (listen here at 0.13.30)

  • Mark Littlewood on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire’s Annie Oaten programme (listen here at 1.04.00)

  • Mark Littlewood on BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine programme (listen here at 1.08.00)

  • Philip Booth on BBC One’s Politics Show South (watch here at 0.33.35)

  • Mark Littlewood on BBC One’s Politics Show West (watch here at 0.36.40)

  • Mark Littlewood on BBC Somerset’s The Morning Show with Emma Britton (listen here at 0.05.30)

Opinion pieces: