Mark Littlewood appears on Any Questions

Mark Littlewood was a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions from Leyland in Lancashire. Appearing next to Alastair Campbell and Conservative Home’s Tim Montgomerie, Mark Littlewood debated the war on drugs, immigration, gay marriage, shale gas and teacher’s wages.

Responding to a question regarding the war on drugs, Mark Littlewood argued for a legalisation of all drugs to stop a mafia of drug dealers on Britain’s streets. Politicians are so behind the curve that the war on drugs is now a political catastrophe similar to prohibition in the USA.

Mark Littlewood expressed his support for immigration, saying that a cosmopolitan, multi-ethnic country is a great thing for the UK. Whilst we should be encouraging more immigration, Littlewood suggested that immigrants may have to wait to qualify for the full benefits of the welfare state.

Gay marriage may well be the policy that divides the Tory party, Mark Littlewood suggested. On the broader topic of gay marriage, Littlewood asserted his belief that the State should play no role at all in the institution of marriage.

Answering questions on shale gas, Mark Littlewood’s argument that shale gas would be very economically beneficial received a lot of support. In the USA there are one million jobs and $50billion created by shale gas.

Mark Littlewood finished the show by suggesting that teachers should receive performance related pay, decided upon at local level.

Listen to the full show here.