Mark Littlewood appears on BBC R5 Drive

Following the death of Margaret Thatcher, Mark Littlewood appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live to discuss her legacy, policies and relationship with the IEA.

Mr Littlewood stated that Baroness Thatcher spent a large amount of time in the reading room at the Institute of Economic Affairs and in fact, the IEA provided the intellectual backbone for a number of her radical ideas such as the abolition of exchange controls. Other policies which were controversial as the time, such as the privatisation of nationalised industry, are now accepted wisdom and no one would consider rolling them back.

Mr Littlewood went on to argue although many would consider Baroness Thatcher to be an old-fashioned Conservative she was in fact more of a radical, working-class Liberal Prime Minister who will be remembered for her radicalism rather than more than her conservatism.

Listen to the full programme here. Segment starts at 2:28.04.